Jenin Jenin
Jenin Jenin
IDFA 2002

Jenin Jenin

Mohammed Bakri
54 min
Festival history
‘Where is God’, an elderly man desperately wonders when surveying the debris in the Palestinian refugee camp Jenin. As part of the offensive against the hard core of Palestinian terror, Israeli troops barged into the camp in March 2002. After a grim battle that lasted for days, a large part of the camp had been razed to the ground and, besides a number of soldiers, many civilians had been killed. This film shows the extent to which the prolonged oppression and terror has affected the state of mind of the Palestinian inhabitants of Jenin. Bitterness and grief are the prevailing feelings among the majority of the population. Many have lost loved ones or are still searching for victims and furniture among the debris. A little girl, who does not seem to be much older than twelve, tells her story but knows no fear. The ongoing violence in her day-to-day life only nourishes her feelings of hatred and the urge to take revenge. She tells what she would do to Prime Minister Sharon if he visited the camp and she shouts that the Palestinians will never give up the struggle. They will keep on producing children, who can continue the fight against injustice. The sad question forces itself on the spectator. What will become of a country, a people when its children are confronted with war and violence from a very early age?
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