Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears
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Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears
IDFA 2006

Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears

Simon Chambers
62 min
International Premiere
Festival history
Two Bangladeshi girls born and raised in London are about to get married, but their fiancés were chosen by their parents. The elder of the two sisters is quick-witted and coarse-mannered, while the other is more submissive and devout. But both have their doubts. Simon Chambers followed the months leading up to the big day from close up. He films the family before the future bridegrooms arrive in Great Britain for a visit. At that point, everything still seems all right. But when Chambers drops by a few months later to see how things are going, the whole situation has changed. One sister has left the house, she has a job and a new boyfriend; the other sister also refuses to marry the man her parents have picked out for her. The director is more than just an anonymous filmmaker - the family treats him like a family friend and they regularly address him directly or ask his opinion during a domestic dispute, which he then gives in the voice-over. Chambers accompanies them to Bangladesh for the youngest sister's wedding, and to look for her elder sister, who has disappeared completely. The film offers a rare, candid and humorous glimpse into the life of a family and the clash of generations and cultures.
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