The Man Without a Mask
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The Man Without a Mask
IDFA 2016

The Man Without a Mask

Roger Ross Williams
United States
14 min
Festival history
, free wrestling with colorful costumes and masks, is the most popular sport in Mexico after soccer. But the macho culture of the also has a more flamboyant, feminine side: the . One of the best known of these is Cassandro. This “Liberace of the lucha libre” wears the most extravagant costumes and enters the arena like a real drag queen, before dishing out (and receiving) some serious punishment. The openly gay wrestler talks about a past characterized by sexual abuse, drugs and rejection. Free wrestling was like a medicine that finally gave him a sense of belonging. The freedom it offers him to express himself is so valuable that it enables him to withstand the pain, even though countless serious injuries and hospital admissions have exhausted the 45-year-old wrestler’s body. He remains active on the circuit, however, and is now passing on the baton to a new generation as a trainer.
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