The Other Cup
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The Other Cup
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The Other Cup

The Other Cup
Damian Cukierkorn
90 min
Festival history
For the first time in history, an Argentine team is participating in the World Soccer Championships for homeless people. The tournament is being held in Sweden, and teams from all over the world are heading there to compete for the cup. For some homeless people in Buenos Aires, this is a chance to escape the daily grind of living on the street. They train to get on the team, dream about a better life and hope for an experience that will change everything. Getting to the World Cup takes more than just practice and dreams, though. They also need money to make the trip, and to fly to another country, they need a passport. After facing a great deal of adversity, a small group manages to get to Sweden and take part in the championships. It quickly becomes clear that this is more about mutual solidarity than winning the final. How does a seven-day stay in a prosperous country with opponents from all over the world change the lives of the players on the Argentine team? And what do they think about it themselves? La oltra copa is a captivating portrait of people leading dead-end lives who suddenly regain hope for a better future. The film had its premiere earlier this year at the Göteborg International Film Festival.
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