Los Wild Ones
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Los Wild Ones
IDFA 2013

Los Wild Ones

Elise Salomon
United States
77 min
European Premiere
Festival history
Reb Kennedy grew up in a backstreet district in Dublin, Ireland. Working from his "head office" in Los Angeles (a shed in his backyard), he’s been running the Wild Record Label since 2001: "The smallest biggest record label you never heard of – yet." Kennedy is the musical godfather to a lively group of Mexican "rockabillies" in word and deed. As one of the musicians says, "He’s more of a dad than my real dad." The bands on his roster have names like Luis & the Wildfires, Chuy & the Bobcats, Pachuco Jose & Los Diamantes, the Desperados, the Delta Bombers and the Rhythm Shakers. But the rockabilly scene is limited in scope, and none of the bands is able to make a living playing concerts. In these conditions, the question is how long Reb – a vinyl purist if ever there was one – can maintain his aversion to iTunes. In the words of Chatterbox, organizer of the European Rockabilly Festival, "These people should be megastars. And to us, they are." This portrait of a subculture built around 1950s music, fashion and energy includes scenes of meetings and of concerts shot in saturated colors. It's about the importance of "family," keeping the past alive, and the beauty of imperfection.
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    Let's Get Wilder Productions, LLC
    Let's Get Wilder Productions, LLC