Ghost Hunting

    • Raed Andoni
    • France, Palestine (State of), Switzerland, Qatar
    • 2017
    • 94 min
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    The figures are quite clear: since 1967, some 750,000 Palestinians have endured a stay in one of Israel’s prisons or interrogation centers. Places you really don’t want to go, as filmmaker Raed Andoni makes abundantly clear in his hybrid documentary Ghost Hunting. For the film, he cast actors and set builders who, like himself, have served time in the infamous Moscobiya prison in West Jerusalem. He then gets them to reconstruct a whole complex from memory, down to the smallest details; a backdrop that brings suppressed experiences to the surface. Grueling, humiliating interrogations and desperate days in chokingly small cells are reenacted by people who actually experienced them. While one man allows himself to get carried away in the role of ruthless interrogator, another is devastated by the exact reconstruction of a prison cell. Can this really be called a reconstruction, or has the torture of the past started all over again? The distinction between reality and reenacted reality becomes less and less clear. This poignant film shows how trauma cannot be held back, even in the most controlled of environments.


    IDFA Special: Ghost Hunting with Extended Q&A

    Tue 26 September19:00 - 21:00


    • 94 min
    • DCP
    Raed Andoni
    Palmyre Badinier for Les Films de Zayna
    Akka Films, Dar Films Production
    Camille Cottagnoud
    Gladys Joujou
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