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My Moms and Dads
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My Moms and Dads

Mijn vaders en moeders
Chris Westendorp
13 min
Festival history
10-year-old Luca comes from a special family. She lives with her mother and her girlfriend in Amsterdam, while her father lives in Zurich. It's kind of unusual, she admits. But then again, it's not that weird. After all, she was made like everybody else.
Luca is proud of the fact that she looks like her dad: she has his sandy hair, his eyes, and she's tall like him, too. Her father used to live in her city, close to the park. She misses him and it confuses her that she only gets to see him once or twice a year. At first, she comes up with the daring plan to hop a plane to Zurich by herself. "Those mothers of mine will only distract me," she asserts. In the end, the three of them drive to Switzerland. Two-and-a-half weeks later, Luca is back home again. It's hard for her to say which part of the trip she liked best. "Being there," she recaps. In a tearing rush, she shows us the pictures of their visit: the views, her father and the whole family together. All in all, she spent two days with her father. Next year, she wants to do things differently.
This film is a result of the Kids & Docs workshop.
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