Lost Angels

    • Thomas Napper
    • United States
    • 2010
    • 77 min
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    You won't find the Skid Row district of downtown Los Angeles on any official map of the city. Since as long as anyone can remember, this neighborhood has been inhabited by the debris of society - drifters, drug addicts, and the mentally disturbed. In this, his debut film, director Thomas Napper presents not a depressing freak show but a human portrait of this notorious area. Despite all the misfortunes Skid Row has to offer, everyone there appears to possess an exceptional will to survive and sense of solidarity and community. For some it may be the final destination, while for others there may be an opportunity to climb back up again. We meet the former Olympic hurdling medalist Danny Harris, who finally manages to get his addiction under control; the extrovert junky Bam Bam, who is suffering from a long list of psychiatric problems but still manages to find a safety net; and former gang member General Dogon, who after years of incarceration is devoting himself to the cause of human rights. Lost Angels also spotlights inspired and enthusiastic welfare officers who place the problems they face in a political context. As well as being an ode to the colorful characters inhabiting Skid Row, this film is also an indictment of failing psychiatric health care in the United States.


    • 77 min
    • color
    • video
    Thomas Napper
    Executive producer
    Susan Klos
    Fortunato Procopio, Seamus McGarvey, Christopher Gosch
    Tyler Hubby
    Eric Bautista
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