• Bert Hana
    • Netherlands
    • 2013
    • Performance, Linear
    • World Premiere
    • DocLab: Interactive Reality, DocLab Program
    Fifty years after the release of documentary master Bert Haanstra's Alleman (still the best-attended Dutch documentary of all time), theater director and actor Bert Hana presents his tribute to the iconic film, a live documentary that travels through the streets of the Netherlands by way of their digital images. Over the past few years, Hana created an immense archive of images of the Netherlands through Google Street View. As Haanstra's documentary did in 1963, these images depict the ordinary Dutchman and typical scenes of daily life in our country. We cross the barren plains of Zeeland and the crowded communal gardens in Amsterdam, encounter rowdy teenagers and bickering soccer moms, and behold Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Passing through the various scenes, a fascinating picture of our flat little country emerges. Combining the theater's direct address with cinema's visual power and accompanied by a live soundtrack, #Alleman asks what has changed over the past 50 years. Have we exchanged prudishness for worries about privacy? Has the abundance of information made us richer? The project will have its world premiere during DocLab Live: #Alleman + Street Ghosts on 24 November.



      • Spoken languages: Dutch
      • Subtitles in: English
      Bert Hana
      Arjen Barel for Bureau Barel
      Floortje Zonneveld
      Chop Wood
      Sylvia Witteman

      IDFA history

      World Premiere
      DocLab: Interactive Reality
      DocLab Program

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