The Journey of Vaan Nguyen
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The Journey of Vaan Nguyen
IDFA 2005

The Journey of Vaan Nguyen

Hamasa shel Vaan
Duki Dror
Vietnam, Israel
84 min
International Premiere
Festival history
In 1979, the then prime minister of Israel, Menahem Begin, decided to admit a group of Vietnamese boat people, "as a humanitarian gesture in memory of the forced exile so familiar to the Jewish people." 25 years later, one of these refugees has five children, all of whom grew up in Israel. Every day, daughter Vaan uses the website Isra-blog to report, in fierce terms, on her life as a Vietnamese in Israel. She does not feel accepted there. But Vietnam is also remote for her, until her father Hoimai Nguyen decides to travel to his native village in the jungle to reclaim a plot of land that used to belong to his family. Here, Vaan finds out what her father had to go through before getting aboard the rickety boat. It turns out that he was held prisoner in a labour camp in Saigon, where he was brainwashed with communist ideologies. When he escaped, his sole possession was the T-shirt on his back. Now, he is coming face to face with his former enemies again. Director Duki Dror has made several documentaries about refugees, minorities and immigrants. He is the son of an Iraqi who was in prison for five years and has not seen his native country again since then.
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