• Philippe Lambert
    • Canada
    • 2016
    • Performance
    • World Premiere
    • DocLab: Elastic Reality, DocLab Program
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    This experimental Canadian dream project – an immersive installation people can walk in and out of – started at DocLab. Come into this comfortable space and dream away to the sound of live music. The space fills up with the images and thoughts of visitors, who can put everything that comes to mind in the form of writings and drawings. A scanner uploads your dreams into the system and translates them on the spot into electronic sounds, which in turn inspire the musicians. This is the start of a long-term online project that should result in a database filled with many different images, impressions and other raw material from dreams. When we are sleeping, we assemble dreams with our own peculiar logic from fragments of memories and emotions. Similarly, Philippe Lambert creates a dream machine here, bursting the boundaries of traditional, linear narrative.


      Philippe Lambert
      Hugues Sweeney for National Film Board of Canada
      Caroline Robert, Vincent Lambert
      Edouard Benoit-Lanctôt
      Philippe Lambert
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      World Premiere
      DocLab: Elastic Reality
      DocLab Program

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