The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
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The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
IDFA 2013

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

Shane Meadows
96 min
Dutch Premiere
Festival history
"You know and I know, but you can't write it down, can you?" This is a fan's reply to the question of what makes the Stone Roses so special. "But there's a reason why I still have my hair like this, 20 years later," he laughs, pointing to his receding Madchesterhaircut, "and why I'm here while the child-minder is at home looking after my baby." He is one of the fortunate few who have gotten a free ticket for a very exclusive surprise concert: the first in a series of reunion gigs by the band that was a permanent fixture on festival stages throughout Europe with its mix of 1960s guitar pop and 1980sdance beats, only to break up in 1996 due to internal strife. In , director Shane Meadows - who has captured the British working class in feature films like  and – concentrates on the Manchester scene that spawned both the band and its original army of fans. He is not afraid to let his own adoration show – a love of the band colors the film, which rather than picking at old wounds allows the audience to share in the pleasure of rehearsals, life on the road together and the euphoria of a sold-out gig.
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