Bollywood Blues
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Bollywood Blues
IDFA 2008

Bollywood Blues

Rishi Chamman
50 min
World Premiere
Festival history
The 24-year-old Monique, a Dutch woman of Hindustani origin, is at a turning point in her life. A recent college graduate, Monique has to make a decision: will she go along with her parents' wishes and leave the house a married woman, or pursue her dreams instead? She'd like to start off by discovering the world, making a career for herself, acting in Bollywood musicals and living on her own for a while. Her wishes and desires aren't all that different from Dutch girls; they clash with Hindustani traditions, in which women are expected to get married as soon as possible. Monique is trapped between two cultures she doesn't want to disappoint her parents, but she also can't bear to deny her own plans for the future. The form of this documentary is just as multifaceted as Monique's identity. Rishi Chamman, also of Hindustani descent, uses the camera as a neutral observer of this young, self-confident woman's life. We see Monique arguing with her parents, rehearsing for a Bollywood musical and celebrating her graduation. A voice-over provides a glimpse into her innermost feelings while Indian music plucks at the viewer's heartstrings. Scenes from Bollywood films have a symbolic function: Monique would love to become a Bollywood star, even if these movies tend to support the morality of her parents.
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