Dagboek van het vergeten
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Dagboek van het vergeten
IDFA 1992

Dagboek van het vergeten

Diary of Forgetting
Marjoleine Boonstra, Peter Dop, Gilles Frenken, Mieke Krijger, Barbara den Uyl
55 min
Festival history
Five personal films about 'forgetting'. Mieke Krijger: For years, Frits Weeda photographed where 'prosperity' was blindly exceeding its own bounds. He quit doing that and now, 20 years later, he brings his pictures out again: they are still relevant to our times. Peter Dop: The filmmaker, the cameraman, and a lost cellist investigate the daily necessity to forget for slaters, trapeze artists, and themselves. Because, what the slater knows all too well, applies to all of us: "If you fall there is only one way: straight down." Barbara den Uyl: During his lifetime I did not want to involve myself in my father's (political) activities. Now that he is dead I want to keep him with me. Whether I want to or not: I cannot shake off my memories. Gilles Frenken: Hans Aarsman makes a fotographic monument for 'impossible love', a love that everybody has known and just cannot be forgotten. Marjoleine Boonstra: Piet van Wees, historian, has lost his short-term memory. Maya Morova, dancer, noticed that her grief slowly became a thing of the past. Sjeffie Fiora and Josje Soeters are members of a forgotten group of people who keep the memory only to themselves. That way, every man for himself, they struggle against being forgotten. This film is the result of the IDFA-production workshop 1989 under supervision of Kees Hin.
    Eye Film Institute Netherlands
    Eye Film Institute Netherlands