Beyond 9/11
Beyond 9/11
IDFA 2011

Beyond 9/11

Kira Pollack
United States
45 min
World Premiere
Festival history
Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, \i Time\i0 magazine looks back on the dramatic events in a momentous multimedial project. They sought out the voices of the past decade: the first responders, the survivors, the men who took us to war, and the troops who are still fighting it. Forty men and women in all, including former President George W. Bush, anchorman Tom Brokaw, General David Petraeus, and several of the heroic first responders at Ground Zero. Each person was interviewed separately, but they were all asked the same first question: Where were you on September 11, 2001? The interviews were published in a special commemorative issue of \i Time\i0 , compiled into an hour-long documentary shown on HBO, and can be referenced in full on the project's website. From an introductory mosaic showing all 40 interviewees in Marco Grob's stunning black-and-white portraits, users can select each person to watch his or her interview in video or read a transcript. From there, one can return to the main overview or click through to related persons - from Bush to firefighter Bob Beckwith, with whom the president was photographed atop a crushed fire truck during his first visit to Ground Zero three days after the attacks. \i Beyond 9/11\i0 will be presented during the DocLac Live Cinema Event \i Living Monuments\i0 .
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    Time Magazine
    Time Magazine
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