Fix Me

  • Raed Andoni
  • Palestine (State of), France, Switzerland
  • 2009
  • 98 min
  • Me
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Palestinian filmmaker Raed Andoni doesn’t spare himself in his search for the cause of the headaches that have tormented him for many years. He allows a foreign crew to film his time spent in therapy—the fact that they don’t speak Arabic makes it easier for him to embark on the sessions without inhibitions.

The recurring themes throughout these meetings—filmed from behind a two-way mirror—are the consequences of the Israeli occupation. The same applies to Andoni’s everyday life, some of which he films himself. Checkpoints, police violence and the huge West Bank wall are part of it, in both mundane and powerful ways. He visits his mother, his politically aware sister and her son, and he also talks with the friends he made when he was a political prisoner. Their conversations may be serious, but they are filled with the black humor and philosophical detachment necessary to survive. Andoni’s quest leads to personal and universal insights, and it also allows repressed memories of traumatic events to rise to the surface. These memories formed the basis of his 2017 documentary Ghost Hunting.


  • 98 min
  • color
  • DCP
  • Spoken languages: Arabic
Raed Andoni
Raed Andoni / Dar Films Production, Palmyre Badinier / Les Films de Zayna, Nicolas Wadimoff / Akka Films, Nadia Turincev / Rouge International
Filip Zumbrunn, Aldo Mugnier
Tina Baz, Saed Andoni, Samer Qatta
Eik Rug, Yousef Hbeisch
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