Jo de Roo
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Jo de Roo
IDFA 2004

Jo de Roo

Ricardo Alvarez
52 min
Festival history
Director Ricardo Alvarez has been a regular visitor to Jo de Roo's house for nine years as the latter's former son-in-law. When in 2001 he reads Wielerexpress magazine about Jo de Roo, Alvarez realises what an international phenomenon De Roo was in the early sixties. Without reserve, one might say that De Roo was one of the best cyclists in the world in the years 1962-1963. Due to intrigue and tough luck, Jo missed a series of world championships, a much-desired title for which he was a big favourite at the time. The director wonders why this reticent native of the Southern Dutch province of Zeeland never talked about these achievements. Is it just modesty or do other factors play a role? After having raced as a professional cyclist for ten years, Jo and his wife Corrie start a shop selling arts and crafts and china in Goes. Initially, their business flourishes, but after a while a family drama takes place that appears to be inevitable.
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    Lagestee Film BV
    Lagestee Film BV
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