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Mapa Fílmico de un País
Christopher Murray, Antonio Luco, Pablo Carrera, Ignacio Rojas
World Premiere
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Chile is an emerging country when it comes to film, and the new generation switches easily from fiction to documentary, like a chameleon changing colors. Jose Luis Torres Leiva, Christopher Murray, Pablo Carrera, Maite Alberdi, Cristián Jiménez and other filmmakers have joined forces on the online platform - Filmic map of a country, where you'll find snapshots of what's going on in Chile today. The short documentaries last from one to two minutes, always consist of one shot and only feature the natural sound of the recording. We see two tourists goofing around by a lake in a snow-white salt desert, a little boy in a hospital waiting for a risky operation, curious goats wandering about in an inhospitable landscape, and an imitation horserace at a theme park: all different events at different places and times. isn't a story with a beginning and an end, but a mosaic of story fragments, as ragged and scattered as reality itself. was presented during DocLab Live: Tales of Violence and Everyday Life.

This project is currently not live. For documentation and more information on the project, check out the links.

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