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I Love Your Work

Jonathan Harris
United States
Festival history

Ten seconds is the average length of porn teasers, intended to entice viewers to pay to see more. And 10 seconds also happens to be the length of all the 2,202 clips that acclaimed web pioneer Jonathan Harris shot of nine women working in the lesbian porn industry. He followed each of them with his camera for more than 24 hours, at home and on set, and he presents these film excerpts either as a mosaic or timeline. Over the course of a day with Harris, the protagonists reveal both their bodies and their innermost thoughts. Or is that an illusion? Harris is attempting to identify that zone of tension between the public and the private, which is illustrated by the specific and unconventional form that this interactive documentary takes. Although he filmed in real time, just as in his previous project The Whale Hunt, he did so at five-minute intervals. This results in gaps in the narrative that highlight the fact that although the women come close, they also keep their secrets.