Dag papa, hallo papa
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Dag papa, hallo papa
IDFA 2000

Dag papa, hallo papa

Goodbye Papa, Hello Papa
Claudia Tellegen
15 min
Festival history
Three children, two brothers and their sister, make a video clip about their father, who suddenly died two years earlier. They shoot their own video footage, of photographs of themselves together with their father and of important places. Like the building full of flowers in the that was designed by their father. And the hospital bed he lay in. The three children are still young; the youngest can hardly recall what her father was like. She does remember that they liked the same things. DAG PAPA, HALLO PAPA begins and ends with the video clip. It should be cheerful, the children thought, but also serious. Then, people will understand what it means when your father dies. They made the title up themselves. First, they had to say farewell, but in the end the nice memories linger more. Director Claudia Tellegen follows the children while completing their project. Their remarks are controlled yet direct. In the hospital, one of the brothers asks the doctor if he had really been unable to help his father. ‘Yes’, is the answer. This, too, is included in the video clip.
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