The First Kid to Learn English from Mexico
The First Kid to Learn English from Mexico
IDFA 2008

The First Kid to Learn English from Mexico

Peter Jordan
United States
20 min
World Premiere
Festival history
What do you mean the American Dream is the best thing that can happen to you? Nine-year-old Pedro López from Mexico would rather have stayed in his native country. In his mind, "This isn't a dream, it's a nightmare." While we follow him at school and playing outside in the evening, he tells us in understandable English why he's so angry. Things aren't going very well at school. Pedro argues with other kids and doesn't do his homework. His mother is worried. What if he ends up in a gang? Pedro's father helps in his own way, by pinning up paper scraps with English words all over the house. He hopes Pedro will have the opportunities he never had. But Pedro is still mad at his parents, because they left him in Mexico for the first few years they were in the States. "I don't trust adults anymore." Fortunately, the lively, imaginative Pedro finds comfort and friendship with the animals he encounters everywhere. Director Peter Jordan, who is also responsible for the music, enters the little boy's world by allowing him to explain in his own words what he feels and what he really wants in the future.
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