Skip and the Rhythm Rangers

    • Olivier S Garcia
    • Netherlands
    • 2018
    • 15 min
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    Dance is by far the most important thing in 14-year-old Skip’s life. He’s got big ambitions, so whenever he gets the chance to take part in a dance competition with his all-boys group the Rhythm Rangers, he’s completely committed to the rehearsals at the local dance school.

    In addition to being physically challenging, the vogueing style dance poses other problems for Skip. What if his classmates from high school see him doing it? Skip has two good friends named Robin and Kynan at the dance school, but as he explains in an interview, his life isn’t easy outside this trusted environment. He gets teased at school because his classmates think dancing is only for girls and gay guys, but that doesn’t stop Skip from going all out for his passion. “It’s the people who do special things that come furthest in life,” he explains coolly and with apparent self-confidence. In this short film, we discover precisely what this young man has had to overcome to arrive to this realization.


    • 15 min
    • color
    • DCP
    Olivier S Garcia
    Sam Godfried, Nienke Rispens
    Executive producer
    Iris Lammertsma for Witfilm, Boudewijn Koole for Witfilm
    Jefrim Rothuizen
    Femke Klein Obbink, Inèz Poortinga
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