Soundtrack for a Revolution
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Soundtrack for a Revolution
IDFA 2009

Soundtrack for a Revolution

Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman
United States
82 min
Festival history
"It was good trouble. It was necessary trouble." In the 1960s, Congressman John Lewis was at the vanguard of the American civil rights movement that sought to end the apartheid that existed in the U.S. through peaceful means. The black music that had been passed on from generation to generation was inextricably bound up with this struggle. This was not just music, it was an oral account of black history. Through interviews, historical footage, and new performances of the freedom songs, shows just how important this music was to not only the civil rights movement, but also to the tens of thousands of people who were drawn from all over the country to join the protest in the American South. As one interviewee who was there puts it, it was the music that created solidarity. features contributions from icons of the civil rights movement such as Julian Bond and Andrew Young. It tells of the crucial events that ultimately led to the abolition of racial segregation and the adoption of universal suffrage, events such as the March on Washington, the sit-ins, and the murder of Martin Luther King.
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