The Leaked Recipes Cookbook

  • Demetria Glace
  • France
  • 2020
  • 45
  • Performance
  • World Premiere
  • do not touch, IDFA DocLab Spotlight, IDFA on Stage

In a series of intimate online events, author Demetria Glace invites the audience to prepare recipes from The Leaked Recipes Cookbook. She fished out all the recipes in the book from the massive leaks of emails that entered the public domain in recent years through organizations such as WikiLeaks.

Hackers accessed the internal emails of companies such as Sony and Enron, and newspapers have been filled with reports about all the fraud, criminal practices, and interpersonal hatred and envy they brought to light. Glace’s focus lay elsewhere. What she went looking for in these vast collections of correspondence was recipes. The result is this cookbook, containing 50 previously confidential cooking and baking tips for making pancakes, a “secret” barbecue sauce, the best cookie in the world, and much more.

The recipes are accompanied by the original emails, and Glace provides background—in some cases she even converses with the authors of the emails and recipes. Reading between the lines, we get a unique glimpse into family, political, and office life, as well as a sense of the urgent need for online privacy.


  • 45
  • Spoken languages: English
Created by
Demetria Glace
Demetria Glace
David Desrimais for JBE Books, Mathieu Cénac for JBE Books
Key collaborator
Emilie Baltz
Joanna Starck

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World Premiere
do not touch
IDFA DocLab Spotlight
IDFA on Stage

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