De stad was van ons

It Was Our City

  • Joost Seelen
  • Netherlands
  • 1996
  • 95 min
  • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary
DE STAD WAS VAN ONS sketches the rise and fall of the Amsterdam squatters' movement between 1975 and 1988. By showing highlights from the 'history of squatting' the film describes the movement's development, with the goals and strategies changing through the years. Many long-time activists saw squatting as a way to denounce the capitalist system. The relative ease with which buildings could be squatted in made the movement grow rapidly. As an increasing number of people got involved with the squatters' movement, internal conflicts arose over the desired goals and strategies. The growing repression by the government, who vacated properties by strong force if need be, fuelled this internal discord. The 'hard core' of the movement wanted to fight the government and its representatives with violence, but the less militant members rejected these ideas about waging an urban guerilla. The repression and disagreement eventually resulted in a powerless movement, whose members were mainly occupied with fighting each other.


  • 95 min
  • color
  • 16mm
Joost Seelen
Annemiek van der Zanden for Zuidenwind Filmproductions
Peter Brugman
Erik van de Belt
Arnold Vogel

IDFA history

IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

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IDFA history

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