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Leaked Recipes
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Leaked Recipes

Gabriela Ivens
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The number of emails that have been leaked in the last few years run into the millions. They contain information about transactions—some legal, some not—possible terrorism, government secrets and strategic plans. The fact that whistle-blowers can make them publicly available on the internet means it’s possible to prove that fraud or other crimes have been committed. But the people who reveal this information are rarely selective, with the result that all sorts of other, more personal information appears online. And that includes the recipes that people share.

Gabriela Ivens has compiled a cookbook of recipes from crowdsourced email messages written by staff at companies such as Enron and Sony. There are instructions for making pancakes, salsas, the world’s best cookie, grandma’s favorites, the ultimate hummus or how to concoct a “secret” barbecue sauce. Ivens serves the dishes, talks about their origin and engages in discussions around internet privacy—but not before she has politely requested permission from everyone involved.

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