About Love; Mr. & Mrs. Chan
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About Love; Mr. & Mrs. Chan
IDFA 2008

About Love; Mr. & Mrs. Chan

Ting Chan
25 min
World Premiere
Festival history
When the single, 35-year-old Ting asks her elderly father about his memories, the answer she gets is "Blown by the wind." He'd rather not look back at the past: let bygones be bygones. Still, the viewer gets to know a lot about those bygones, through intertitles, family pictures and words that remain unspoken. Shortly after World War II, Ting's parents were married off to each other in Hong Kong. Her father took the boat to Holland and had his wife and children join him a few years later. In the 1970s, he ran the restaurant Wing Heung in IJmuiden, which eventually went under. Now, her father eats rice from a newspaper and her mother is on a diet for diabetics. They sit on a red leather sofa together, but they've already requested separate gravestones for when they die. Ting's mother hates the fact that her father gambles his money away playing cards, but she won't leave him for it. Implicitly, is about a daughter's love for her parents, who have led a completely different life from the one she leads now.
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