51 projects selected to pitch at IDFA Forum 2018

    With IDFA 2018 around the corner, we are pleased to announce the selected projects for the upcoming IDFA Forum, one of the largest co-financing and co-production markets in documentary film. This year, 51 projects have been selected to pitch in Amsterdam from November 18th-21st, when the next edition of IDFA Forum takes place. View the complete selection online.Read the press release.

    Tickets now on sale for IDFA Specials

    You can now get your tickets for the Volkskrant Day, De Groene Amsterdammer Day, as well as IDFA Junior and many other Specials that sometimes sell out at lightning speed.

    IDFA announces four competitions and new program IDFA on Stage

    This week, you can peruse the selections for the Mid-Length, Short, Student, and Kids & Docs competitions. We also present the new program IDFA on Stage, with four unique events that explore the space between documentary film and performing arts. All in all, a total of 67 new films have been added to the festival program. On Wednesday, October 24th, we announce the full program and the opening film. View the press release.

    IDFA Bertha Fund announces selections for 2018 IBF Europe - Distribution grant

    Three documentaries have been selected for the IBF Europe – Distribution grant, which supports the distribution of co-productions between European and non-European producers.

    IDFA 2018: new programs, new films

    This week we present the new programs Luminous and Frontlight, and we announce titles selected for IDFA 2018 in the Paradocs, Masters, and Best of Fests sections. As of today, 86 more films have been added to the festival program. View the press release.

    IDFA unveils the first selections of IDFA 2018

    This year IDFA presents the focus programs Me and Space, focusing respectively on the autobiographical documentary film, and the use of space in documentary-directing. Our main guest this year, Czech director Helena Třeštíková, announces the films she has selected in her Top 10. We also present the films from Třeštíková’s oeuvre that will screen in the Retrospective program. Every Tuesday in October, we announce new titles.View the press release here.

    Guest of Honor Helena Třeštíková on her Top 10

    • General
    • October 2, 2018
    • Helena Třeštíková

    "Choosing the 10 most important films of my life is a beautiful but challenging task. Since being given it, I have been thinking about my favorites and watching my life flash before my eyes."

    Třeštíková only edits after filming wraps up, even if it takes 37 years

    For IDFA’s 31st edition, the festival’s star guest will be director Helena Třeštíková. The 69-year-old award-winning filmmaker has created a prodigious output of close to 50 documentaries in her native Czech Republic, resulting in a deeply personal take on the last half-century of her country’s history. Třeštíková’s shooting methods and work ethic have resulted in a bespoke genre of what she calls “time-lapse” filmmaking, in which she follows her protagonists over decades of time. In her films, viewers are invited to observe people as they live out the stories of their lives.

    International co-producing takes center stage at IDFA’s Producers Network

    On Saturday November 17th, IDFA’s Producers Network returns in full force, with producers from around the world convening for an intensive program of round table discussions and networking. This year, the spotlight is on international co-production, and all the possibilities for producers looking to collaborate with another country. Apply for accreditation by October 10 to be considered for the Producers Network.

    Dziga Vertov’s Anniversary of the Revolution to premiere at IDFA 2018

    Possibly the first feature-length documentary ever made, Dziga Vertov’s recently found and restored film, Anniversary of the Revolution, will see its world premiere at Tuschinski 1 in Amsterdam during IDFA 2018. On November 20th a special screening with live music will mark this celebration of documentary cinema history. Tickets (€15) go on sale October 18th.Presale tickets for guests (€12,50) go on sale October 29th.