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    IDFA's first Europe Conference asks: What (or where) is European cinema?

      The Europe Conference, organized in collaboration with Arte, took place last week at Felix Meritis, marking the first installment of a major new addition to IDFA's Industry Program. Split into two segments and lasting three hours, the session with several speakers looked at Europe, its identity, its co-production and distribution systems, changes brought on by the rise of big streaming services, and the identity of European co-productions with other countries, from two angles: inside Europe and outside Europe.

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      Lea Glob on her journey with Apolonia Sokol

      • Festival
      • November 20, 2022
      • Vladan Petković

        Danish filmmaker Lea Glob has triumphed at IDFA, winning Best Film in the International Competition with her third film, and her first solo-directed effort, Apolonia, Apolonia. Filmed over a period of 13 years, it charts the trajectory of the titular protagonist, but also of the filmmaker herself.

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        Blue ID wins NPO IDFA Audience Award

          Blue ID by Burcu Melekoglu and Vuslat Karan has won the NPO IDFA Audience Award, the grand public prize of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

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          Apolonia, Apolonia wins Best Film in the International Competition and Manifesto wins Best Film in the Envision Competition

            The winners of IDFA's 35th edition competition programs were announced at the Awards Ceremony taking place at ITA (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam) on Thursday November 17th. Apolonia, Apolonia by Lea Glob was the winner of the IDFA Award for Best Film. Angie Vinchito won the IDFA Award for Best Film in the Envision Competition for Manifesto (Russia).

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            ‘Producing - beyond money’ talk addresses inequalities in the co-production landscape

              ‘Producing - beyond money,’ the Industry Talk that took place this week at Felix Meritis, looked at how the current funding and co-production landscape relying on Western European and North American systems often falls short of addressing the needs of the regions where the most topical and sought-after stories are coming from, such as Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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              Laura Poitras x ICFR: Knowing you are not alone is key

                A particularly moving Industry Talk took place on Tuesday at ITA, where IDFA Guest of Honor Laura Poitras led the conversation with representatives of the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (IFCR): IFFR Director Vanja Kaludjercic, ICFR coordinator Sara Ishaq and IDFA's Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia.

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                Niñxs, The Tuba Thieves, We Speak Their Names In Hushed Tones win IDFA Forum Awards

                  Earlier this evening, the IDFA Forum Awards were announced in Felix Meritis. Kani Lapuerta’s project Niñxs won the IDFA Forum Award for Best Pitch, Alison O'Daniel’s The Tuba Thieves took home the IDFA Forum Award for Best Rough Cut, and the DocLab Forum Award went to We Speak Their Names In Hushed Tones by Omoregie Osakpolor. Each award includes a cash prize of €1,500. The Tuba Thieves will also receive closed captioning and subtitles from inVision Subtitling.

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                  Co-creation is everywhere: with friends, communities, VR, and buffalo

                    Co-creation is one of the big themes of this year's IDFA, and at an Industry Talk entitled "Co-creation is everywhere but hard to see" over the weekend, we had the chance to learn about various forms of this ancient creative activity that we are now rediscovering.

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                    Three women filmmakers on directing the personal

                      The IDFAcademy Talk "Directing the personal", which took place at ITA on Saturday morning, gathered three women filmmakers with films in the IDFA program: Niki Padidar with the IDFA Opening Film All You See, which screens in Luminous; Lea Glob with Apolonia, Apolonia which is in International Competition; and Biserka Šuran with Scenes with My Father, which is showing in Envision Competition.

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                      Not Yet Yes

                      • Festival
                      • November 13, 2022
                      • Simon(e) van Saarloos

                        What does queerness without a closet look like? A queerness that defies the existing structures, a queerness that refuses to come out, because you will simply land in a society seeped with encapsulating normativity?

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