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    Revamping our competitions

    Heading towards the 30th edition of the festival this November, IDFA has made several changes to its competition regulations.

    We're online!

    Our new site is here - an online platform for documentaries. You can watch films from our collection and find information on documentaries, makers and all other IDFA-activities.

    60 Seconds: Call for Mobile and Interactive Projects

    Interactive Creators: Explore the Short Form! The Very, Very Short Form.

    Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award

    Over the weekend, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association. Derks was awarded for founding IDFA, which grew from a small festival in 1988 to the most renowned documentary film festival in the world.

    Interview: Zaradasht Ahmed - Nowhere to Hide

    Zaradasht Ahmed talks about his documentary Nowhere to Hide, which was awarded the IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary 2016.

    Interview Coco Schrijber - How to Meet a Mermaid

    Coco Schrijber about her film How to Meet a Mermaid.

    Interview Sara Jordeno - Kiki

    Sara Jordenö talks about her film Kiki.

    Interview Johan Grimonprez - Shadow World

    Johan Grimonprez talks about his documentary on the arms business, Shadow World.

    Interview Reber Dosky - Radio Kobani

    Reber Dosky talks about his film Radio Kobanî, winner of the IDFA Award for Best Dutch Documentary 2016.

    Kill Your Darlings 2016

    With a heavy heart, filmmakers delete scenes - because they don't fit the story, don't really add anything, are too long or for some other reason. Here, the respective directors explain why they had to kill their darlings.