Festival entries for IDFA 2024 are now open!
Festival entries for IDFA 2024 are now open!

Festival entries for IDFA 2024 are now open!

Thursday, March 28
By staff

Festival entries for IDFA 2024 are now open!

IDFA will be selecting about 250 new documentary films and projects for its 2024 edition. All entries will be reviewed thoroughly and carefully by our team of international selectors—with the new program team to be announced in April. These experts from around the world join in the discussion that leads up to IDFA’s final selection. The selection process is overseen by IDFA’s Artistic Director.

Before you enter your film or project, please be sure to read the regulations thoroughly, as well as the FAQ for film entries or interactive/immersive project entries. Entering your work implies that you have read and accepted all entry regulations.

Entry deadlines

Early deadline for films
April 25

Deadline for new media projects seeking presentation support
April 25

Deadline for performances
April 25

Second deadline for films
May 30

Deadline for new media projects
July 2

Final deadline for films
July 11

For more information about the festival program structure, explore the overview of program sections and awards.

What's new this year?

  • IDFA DocLab deadlines: If you're planning to enter an interactive or immersive project or performance to IDFA this year, take note of the adjusted deadlines.
    • Early Deadline: April 25, 2024. Submit by this date for presentation support or to have your live performance considered for the IDFA On Stage Program.
    • Final Deadline: July 2, 2024. Last chance to submit fully funded and completed interactive/immersive new media works.