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    Orwa Nyrabia new artistic director of IDFA

    Orwa Nyrabia (1977) is the new artistic director of IDFA. Nyrabia, who was born in Syria, is well-known in the documentary world as a producer, festival director, curator and mentor.

    IDFA presents focus program on daily life in the Arab world

    At the upcoming festival, IDFA is presenting the focus program Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World, which will zoom in on the image of the Arab world through the eyes of filmmaker from the region.

    Here are the winners of our international call for ideas for Mobile and Interactive 60 Seconds!

    Last winter, the NFB, ARTE and IDFA launched a call for ideas out to digital creators around the world. Their mission? To create an interactive experience about mobility by exploiting the features of a smartphone. Today, we are revealing the ten winners who will spend the next couple of months creating these experiences. But first, a word from the jury...

    Livestream: Update or Die conference

    Tune in this Friday for Update or Die, a one-day conference about interactive documentary preservation and future-proofing emerging digital forms, curated by MIT Open Documentary Lab and Phi Centre, in collaboration with IDFA DocLab.

    IM: Benjamin Barber (77)

    Benjamin Barber passed away on April 24, 2017. The American political scientist and author was known for advocating an alternative way of governing society, with an important and leading role for the mayors of the world. In 2015, ahead of the 20th anniversary and reissue of his groundbreaking work Jihad versus McWorld (1995), Barber was a special guest at IDFA.

    Audience Award Overview

    Democracy is the rule of the demos, usually translated as “the people.” At IDFA, the voice of the people is heard through the Audience Award. Juries are essential, to be sure. But many filmmakers prefer to win the hearts of the average festivalgoer.

    We're online!

    Our new site is here - an online platform for documentaries. You can watch films from our collection and find information on documentaries, makers and all other IDFA-activities.

    Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award

    Over the weekend, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association. Derks was awarded for founding IDFA, which grew from a small festival in 1988 to the most renowned documentary film festival in the world.

    Kim Longinotto on Love Is All

    • General
    • November 27, 2014
    • Geoffrey Macnab

    Kim Longinotto speaks about Love Is All: 100 Years of Love & Courtship, her film in IDFA's The Female Gaze program. "In culture, the people who are the visionaries, are often the fiction filmmakers."

    The Female Gaze

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    • November 20, 2014
    • KEES Driessen

    In 2014 IDFA presented the program The Female Gaze: does a 'female gaze' exist within the documentary genre? Fifteen leading international female directors, including Pirjo Honkasalo, Barbara Kopple and Kim Longinotto, selected the documentaries.