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    IDFA signs statement in support of Kamal Ramadan and Ganja Mohamed Ali

    IDFA’s Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia has signed the global statement in support of Sudanese actors Kamal Ramadan and Ganja Mohamed Ali (Chakado), who have been denied the opportunity to travel to film festivals and enhance their careers. In joining forces with our festival colleagues around the world, we urge the UNHCR to take action immediately.

    New IDFA campaign launches

    Today we launch our new campaign developed by Kessels Kramer.

    Guest of Honor Helena Třeštíková on her Top 10

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    • October 2, 2018
    • Helena Třeštíková

    "Choosing the 10 most important films of my life is a beautiful but challenging task. Since being given it, I have been thinking about my favorites and watching my life flash before my eyes."

    Třeštíková only edits after filming wraps up, even if it takes 37 years

    For IDFA’s 31st edition, the festival’s star guest will be director Helena Třeštíková. The 69-year-old award-winning filmmaker has created a prodigious output of close to 50 documentaries in her native Czech Republic, resulting in a deeply personal take on the last half-century of her country’s history. Třeštíková’s shooting methods and work ethic have resulted in a bespoke genre of what she calls “time-lapse” filmmaking, in which she follows her protagonists over decades of time. In her films, viewers are invited to observe people as they live out the stories of their lives.

    Pitch your documentary plan to VICE during IDFA 2018

    VICE and IDFA are co-presenting a pitch for talented filmmakers to present their idea for a VICE documentary. Selected participants are eligible for a 10,000 euro budget to realize their film, and of course special attention on VICE and Here’s how you participate.

    IDFA's statement on the killing of Russian film team in Central African Republic

    It was with shock and dismay that we at IDFA received the news of the murder of Russian documentary film director and producer Alexander Rastorguev and his colleagues, journalist Orkhan Dzhemal and cameraman Kirill Radchenko, in the Central African Republic on July 31 while shooting a new documentary film there.

    Video report IDFAcademy Summer School 2018

    During the IDFAcademy Summer School, held July 2-7 in Amsterdam, up-and-coming international filmmaking talents from all over the world worked on their scripts or rough cuts under the guidance of esteemed film professionals.

    Pawel Lozinski and Niels Pagh Andersen tutors at IDFAcademy Summer School

    Filmmaker Pawel Lozinski and editor Niels Pagh Andersen are two of the tutors at this year’s IDFAcademy Summer School. They will be joined by Gema Juárez Allen, Katja Dringenberg, Gitte Hansen, Aliona van der Horst, Menno Boerema and Jesper Osmund to give guidance to a select group of up-and-coming international filmmaking talents.

    PLOV: An evening of art, food and an IDFA documentary

    Op May 29 the AFEW Culture Initiative organises the first edition of PLOV: ARTxFOODxCINEMA. On this special evening the IDFA-film Debut will be screened, about eleven female Belarussian prisoners who are rehearsing for a theater play. 

    So Help Me God in the cinema

    From April 26 So Help Me God will be screening in cinema's all over The Netherlands. A disconcerting and hilarious documentary about the Brussels judge Anne Gruwez.