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Become a Special Friend (+)

Documentaries tell stories that are otherwise not told. They challenge you, encourage you to form an opinion and make you curious. Thanks to documentaries, we can empathize with people all over the world and start conversations. In this way, documentaries lead to dialogue and ultimately to mutual understanding.

We need your support to enable filmmakers to tell their stories and bring their documentaries to Amsterdam.

Support IDFA as a Special Friend+

As a Special Friend+ and committed fan of documentaries, you contribute to a specific cause because it touches you in a special way. With your annual gift of €2,500 you support IDFA in a special and personal way. As a Special Friend+ you can support two causes; the IDFA Bertha Fund and IDFA's education program.

“I think it's important that people understand each other better, and a great diversity in documentaries certainly contributes to that. The IDFA Bertha Fund has more than 25 years of experience in supporting filmmakers, increasing the chance that these in-depth stories reach us.”

- Patrick van Son, Special Friend+ of IDFA

"I think it is very important to spread knowledge about what is not going well in the world. This forces people to think, and makes change possible. In 2018, I increased my contribution to become a Special Friend+ because I want to specifically support IDFA's educational activities. This way, young people learn that there is also a world beyond social media and get to see socially critical stories."

- Ferdinand ter Heide, Special Friend+ of IDFA

Donating profitably

In the Netherlands, a donation to IDFA is 125% tax deductible. And with regular donations for five years, there is no threshold for the deductible amount. If you fall in the highest tax bracket, for an annual gift of €1,000 your annual benefit is about €540, making your net gift about €460. In the second highest bracket, this works out to about 50% of your donation.

For more information or to sign up, get in touch with Marloes Janssen at or 06-29 52 89 41. You can also sign up directly through these forms: (in Dutch)