Het Documentaire Paviljoen
April 10-20: VR Gallery

April 10-20: VR Gallery

From April 10th to 20th, you can (re)discover some of the best and most inspiring virtual reality works at Het Documentaire Paviljoen, which have been showcased during past festival editions of IDFA DocLab. Explore the ways in which creators craft immersive worlds to make unknown stories or current events palpable. All works are either spoken in English or subtitled. More infomation on ticket sale will follow soon!

Selection of works

The Man Who Couldn’t Leave
Taiwan - 2022 - Singing Chen - 34 min.

This VR piece puts the viewer inside the penal colony where Taiwan imprisoned political prisoners in 1949. The now elderly A-Keun talks about hunger, boredom, the sense of time and his comrade who died in prison.

France, Germany - 2023 - Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen - 40 min.

Monochrome animations inspired by pencil drawings put you inside the brain of a person with aphasia. In this interactive VR, you experience the role of a father who has lost his speech, and the story of his daughter who is trying to communicate with him.

Dance Permit (Denied)
Peru - 2023 - Claudix Vanesix - 10 min.

Certain traditional dances in Peru are performed only by men. In this 360 VR performance, female-born, non-binary trans person Claudix Vanesix connects this dance with their birthplace, religion and a critique of the patriarchy.

The Inhabited House
Argentina - 2019 - Diego Kompel - 8 min.

A loving reflection on the flows of family life over generations, this short VR-film brings the house of the creator’s grandparents, once a site of boisterous family gatherings, momentarily back to life.

Lagos at Large
Nigeria, South Africa - 2019 - Jumoke Sanwo - 11 min.

A poetic tribute to Nigeria’s largest city, told in short segments as we plot a course through the imaginary and material space of Lagos, made pressing and real in VR.


Germany - 2022 - Maarten Isaäk de Heer - 10 min.

This work shows how climate change forces birds to undertake longer migrations and confronts them with alienating landscapes marked by human activity. The experience depicts migrating flocks seeking protection in a changing world, where humanity seems to be heading towards an uncertain future.

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