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Training & funding

Training & funding

IDFA seeks to stimulate creativity and open up scope for free artistic expression through a range of programs and finance arrangements allowing filmmakers to develop both their projects and themselves.

In an era dominated by commercial interests and pressure to perform, devoting personal attention to young talent with a desire for artistic growth continues to be of huge importance. The next generations of film and new media talent are also of great importance in keeping the documentary genre young and dynamic. Offering scope for talent development also means having the freedom to experiment. In this way too, IDFA plays a significant role for talent; in particular for headstrong, distinctive projects for the international market. Through a range of programs, IDFA supports talent in its development all year round, with some 50 documentaries by debut directors screening at each festival.  

The IDFA Bertha Fund was founded in 1998, and its importance grows every year. The Fund supports documentary makers from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Oceania and Eastern Europe. The combination of IDFA and its markets, training program and IBF represents huge added value, and is one of a kind worldwide. From the hub in Amsterdam, a worldwide network of documentary makers and their films spreads out across the globe, connecting all regions together.