Running from Crazy
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Running from Crazy
IDFA 2014

Running from Crazy

Barbara Kopple
United States
100 min
Festival history
Hailed as one of the most distinguished families in American literature, the Hemingways have always exposed both their bright brilliance and their harrowing secrets. Barbara Kopple's newest documentary focuses on Mariel Hemingway, a granddaughter of the legendary writer Ernest, as she explores her family's disturbing history of mental illness and suicide. As a youngster, Mariel followed her supermodel sister Margaux into the acting world. Critics immediately praised Mariel’s natural talent – she was nominated for an Oscar® for her role in Woody Allen’s – but their professional competition created a deep rift between the sisters. Kopple's bold portrait of the Hemingways intertwines haunting archive footage from Margaux's personal family documentary with scenes from Mariel’s life today as she advocates for suicide prevention and strives to live a rigorously healthy lifestyle to combat what appears to be her birthright. Stripping the family tradition of any romantic notions and speaking candidly about her own dark side, Mariel shares her courageous journey of encounter and introspection – a journey that allows her to view her family and turbulent upbringing through new eyes and, for the first time, accept them with a peaceful heart.
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