ONX + IDFA DocLab MoCap Stage

    • ONX Studio
    • United States
    • 2022
    • Performance
    • IDFA Doclab Spotlight, DocLab: Nervous Systems

    No longer just something used in video games and big budget action movies, motion capture technology enables new modes of film production, immersive art and live performance. While the pandemic made it imperative to enable the remote, the engendered isolation also brought back an imperative for presence.

    Since 2020, ONX Studio has been exploring new ideas in narrative and movement using its own motion capture stage. Member artists engage in notions of ancestral memory, Afrofuturist resources, the nature of corporeal presence, the history of body image, human and extra-human movement, all aiming to develop new forms of narrative, character and interactivity. 

    Artists presenting their work during IDFA include Matt Romein (Bag of Worms), Lisa Jamhoury (Maquette), Jiabao Li (Once a Glacier), Matthew Niederhauser (Realtime), and Kat Sullivan (Dance Looper), who is also presenting an open masterclass. 

    Produced by ONX Studio and IDFA DocLab
    Presented by the Onassis Foundation

    Explore the full program here.


      ONX Studio
      Key collaborator
      Vallejo Gantner, Jiabao Li, John Fitzgerald, Matthew Niederhauser, Matt Romein, Kat Sullivan, Lisa Jamhoury

      IDFA history

      IDFA Doclab Spotlight
      DocLab: Nervous Systems

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