Nose, Iranian Style
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Nose, Iranian Style
IDFA 2005

Nose, Iranian Style

Damagh be sabke irani
Mehrdad Oskouei
52 min
World Premiere
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According to statistics, Iranians have more rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery on the nose, than any other nationality in the world. This stands in complete contrast to the official ideals of the Islamic Republic, which call for intellectuality and a tendency towards beautification of the soul - not trying to improve physical appearance through surgery. From the point of view of Shari'a, having such procedures is meddling with the creations of God.

However, Iranian youngsters have different needs and life views. Due to the compulsory hijab, Iranian women have few chances to improve their looks and be attractive. The only part of the body exposed to the outside world is their face, so everything on it has to be perfect. Having a small, nicely shaped nose has become the determining factor of beauty and self-esteem. Due to the lack of choice and the impossibility to influence life around them, even young Iranian men are subjected to this ideal. Their body is the only thing they have control over, that they can work to improve. The nose job hype is so huge in today's society that even mannequins in store windows wear a bandage on their noses.

Through interesting stories about various nose jobs, both the successful and the unsuccessful ones, this film surveys and analyses urban society and the mindset of the young Iranian generation.

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