• Joerg Wagner
  • Germany
  • 2006
  • 9 min
  • Paradocs
Do their motorbikes run on petrol or adrenaline? In a dizzying game with death, the hell-riders at a fairground make their breathtaking rounds along the walls of a steep wooden tub. Their contempt for the risks is depicted with great visual power, and the spectacular stunts have a perilous beauty. Motodrom is an ode to a vanishing fairground attraction for real men.


  • 9 min
  • black and white
  • 35mm
  • Spoken languages: German
Joerg Wagner
Dirk Manthey for HKP 9, Dirk Manthey Production
Peter Drittenpreis, Ayhan Salar, Patrick Orth
Andrew Bird
Corinna Zink, Peter Stein

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