12 Notes Down
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12 Notes Down
IDFA 2008

12 Notes Down

12 toner ned
Andreas Koefoed
26 min
Festival history
Poor Jorgis. The moment has finally come for the young star of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir: his voice is changing. A special time for every boy, but when you've been in the choir as long as he as, that voice is tied up with your whole identity. Jorgis is a key figure in the choir, but he's now being forced to leave that position behind him. For this film, director Andreas Koefoed follows Jorgis from up close. No talking heads, just Jorgis in various conversations. He talks to his vocal coach, whom he desperately asks how long he has left; his conductor, who urges him to keep singing as long as he can; and his parents and little brother at the dinner table, with the camera pivoting in the middle. His mother and father are sympathetic and understanding, but ultimately they leave the choice up to him. As Jorgis prepares for his final concert, the camera is right there: his hair combed, his choir suit on. We continuously see the doubt in the eyes of this boy, who is facing a big decision for the first time, and taking the first step towards adulthood in the process.
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