Hidden Voices
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Hidden Voices
IDFA 1995

Hidden Voices

Michael Grigsby
75 min
Festival history
Hidden voices is set in the world of entertainment for the common man. Various musicians, comedians and other entertainers take their acts to clubs all over the north of England. Among them, the musical duo Countdown brings a bit of joy and diversion to the lives of their audience with their cheerful music. They are always on the move, going from one gig to another. Each time they accompany somebody else with their music. Sometimes a comedian, sometimes a stripper or a singer. In the clubs they play the most striking things occur, in the most bizarre acts. Like the act with a live python which is fed by a transvestite from the trousers of a truck driver. It is an anarchistic, kitschy world, populated by people with simple ambitions. Hidden voices deals with the artists and their audience. The film is bristling with music, jokes and unexpected twists. It also provides a serious picture of an unknown part of England, where life is hard and people can only escape the daily grind for a short while through this type of entertainment.
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    BBC , Enterprises