Gun Fight
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Gun Fight
IDFA 2011

Gun Fight

Barbara Kopple
United States
88 min
Dutch Premiere
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Almost eight years after the drama at Columbine High School, history repeated itself in the United States. Thirty-three people were killed in a shooting incident at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. This prompted two-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple to look at the role of the gun in American society. This documentary gives a nuanced representation of the arms debate. The terrific impact of lax firearm legislation is demonstrated using archive news footage of dramatic shootings. Footage from old films featuring the likes of John Wayne shows how deeply rooted gun culture is in American society. The filmmaker interviews various supporters and opponents of stricter laws. The National Rifle Association (NRA) lobby is as strong as ever. Collin Goddard, who survived Virginia Tech and still has bullets in his body, takes on the NRA. His story forms a leitmotif throughout the film. He is campaigning for a ban on the "gun show loophole," which makes it possible for private citizens to sell guns without performing background checks on the purchaser. is a lively film on gun culture in America.
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