North Korea, a Day in the Life
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North Korea, a Day in the Life
IDFA 2004

North Korea, a Day in the Life

Noord Korea, een dag uit het leven
Pieter Fleury
50 min
Festival history
Filmmaker Pieter Fleury filmed daily life in North Korea. He deliberately did so under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Precisely the absence of images of poverty, penal colonies and comment intensify the viewer's discomfort about the closed country where indoctrination, control and self-criticism are rife. Everywhere, on the street, in factories, at school, in the subway and even in private homes, leader Kim Jong II is glorified through creaking loudspeakers. Fleury followed the members of one family, who unravel the leitmotif of the film. In the early morning, young Hong Sun Hui takes her little daughter to kindergarten. The sun has not even appeared on the horizon yet. Their cheerful song along the way deals with monstrous Americans. Hong continues to her job in a textile factory. The assignment for the day is to produce 150 coats. All mistakes are registered and in a meeting, everybody expresses his or her self-criticism. In the yard, the obligatory gymnastics are performed. The only ray of hope in this unsubstantial and austere life is the son's English classes. Through these lessons, the outside world permeates a little bit, although nobody in the classroom can explain what the word “Internet” means.
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