Rough Aunties
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Rough Aunties
IDFA 2008

Rough Aunties

Kim Longinotto
103 min
World Premiere
Festival history
At one point, an experienced rough auntie announces that the tissues are gone. That won't surprise anyone, considering the number of tears shed in this film about an organisation called Bobbi Bear, which fights to bring child rapists to justice in South Africa. Nicknamed rough aunties, the employees of Bobbi Bear are faced with the most awful situations in their work and aren't protected from misery themselves. Kim Longinotto's gripping film follows the women in their
confrontations. Children and adults of all ages run the risk of being consumed and torn apart by fear, grief and powerlessness. Under the motto "Never stop crying for the children," the rough aunties offer the victims support, comfort and encouragement. As for the offenders, who often come from the same households, the goal is to make sure they don't get away with it. For victims of sexual violence, it's not always easy to talk about what happened. With the help of a teddy bear, the children point out the body parts and put a band-aid on the part that was violated. Rough Aunties reveals the heartbreaking
consequences of the horrible things people do to one another, but also how the victims receive help from strong women. In the midst of so much suffering, that offers a bit of hope.
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