Het Documentaire Paviljoen is officially open to the public!
Het Documentaire Paviljoen is officially open to the public!

Het Documentaire Paviljoen is officially open to the public!

Saturday, March 16
By Staff

Het Documentaire Paviljoen aims to become a new meeting place for audiences, filmmakers, talent, and students, celebrating the flourishing documentary genre: from creative films on the big screen to immersive works and installations, from workshops and debates to school screenings. Creatives from all corners of the world can showcase their work here, while local talent gains a global platform. In this way, the pavilion hopes to become a space where documentary art in all its facets inspires visitors and invites them to reflect.

Kick-off public programming

After the opening week, starting from April 3rd, public screenings will take place every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. During the festival, the focus has always been on a continuous flow of new films and projects premiering at IDFA before spreading worldwide. Conversely, in the pavilion, programs will have more breathing space and are often developed in collaboration with partners, whether they are young guest curators or cultural institutions and collectives such as the Stedelijk Museum and DARKMATTER. This approach fosters a space for unexpected encounters and cultural exchanges, where diverse narratives, visions, and disciplines converge, complement and reinforce each other.

Additionally, there will be room for workshops, masterclasses, residencies, networking events, and talk shows— catering to both emerging talent and experienced professionals in the documentary industry. Education will also be a significant focus, with sessions tailored for educators as well as school screenings for students.

A new visual identity

Het Paviljoen operates under the umbrella of IDFA but relates to Amsterdam in a different manner than the festival. It aligns more closely with the rhythm and annual calendar of the city. This distinction is made evident through a new visual style—proudly presented yesterday—where we enlisted graphic designer Sherida Kuffour. Central to her design approach is the celebration of the diversity of programs and topics that will be featured in the pavilion. She incorporated this into a recurring visual motif with a refraction or 'shutter' effect, inspired by the light passing through a camera lens. The result is a cinematic style that will be prominently featured in our communications.

New spaces, new names

Not only is the visual identity receiving a fresh update, but the interior of the building has also been reimagined with new purposes for various spaces. For instance, the cinema hall, equipped for film screenings and post-screening discussions, seating seventy people, has been renamed 'De Spiegel' (the mirror). Additionally, you'll find Het Podium (the stage), a versatile space that can be transformed into a debate center, TV studio, platform for performance art, and more. The Salon, formerly known as the French Room, has been transformed into a beautiful, stately area equipped for inspiration sessions, workshops, brainstorms, and meetings. Lastly, The Foyer, the space entered from the terrace, offers opportunities for receptions or event receptions.

This week is still dedicated to the official opening, but regular programming will commence soon. Keep an eye on our agenda and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.