Opening IDFA Vondelpark Pavilion
Opening IDFA Vondelpark Pavilion

Opening IDFA Vondelpark Pavilion

Friday, January 26
By Staff

In the week of March 16 to 23, the IDFA Vondelpark Pavilion will celebrate its official opening! The opening will launch a new name and a special program, curated by several outstanding filmmakers and artists. This polyphonic composition of ideas and events marks the start of a new adventure for IDFA. 

These uncertain times are marked by wars, the climate crisis and unbridled technological advancements. The need for critical insight and reflection is as vital as ever—to uncover the authentic and fragile, to reveal what we need to fight against and stand up for. IDFA believes that documentary art is essential to the on-going change process and can hold up a mirror to us all, offering new stories and voices to describe the world. Creative, in-depth, and thought-provoking. 

The filmmakers and artists invited by IDFA take us through these times in their own unique way, to demonstrate why creative documentary film is urgently relevant and needed. 

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