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Funds & foundations

Taking place in Amsterdam each November, IDFA is a large and frontrunning documentary film event that draws a broad and diverse national and international audience. While the festival has been a renowned success for over 35 editions, IDFA has to put in a great effort to realize the festival. 75% of the festival budget consists of our own income. IDFA could not exist without the indispensable support of our subsidisers. IDFA is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and the Municipality of Amsterdam. In addition, there are various funds and foundations that support specific IDFA projects and programs.

In the coming years, IDFA will continue to develop in multiple areas, including reaching a younger audience, organizing an inclusive and sustainable festival accessible to everyone, and a broad and diverse programming in our new home in Het Documentaire Paviljoen in the Vondelpark.

Next to the annual film festival, IDFA is - together with the help of various funds - committed to realizing important projects that reach people from all corners of society.

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We believe that every student from Amsterdam and surrounding areas should encounter an inspiring documentary at least once in their lives. IDFA is committed to making this happen, together with several funds.

Henk Christophersen - executive director Fonds 21:

“Fonds 21 is a proud partner of IDFA. We believe in the power of documentaries to expand our worldview and create awareness of current social themes. Fonds 21 embraces IDFA's efforts to appeal to a younger and culturally diverse audience. By investing in educational programs in combination with high-quality films, we strive together for a better understanding of the world and we give the new generation tools to develop into conscious, critical and active citizens.”

Frieso Wiersum - Communications Manager European Cultural Foundation:

By supporting and collaborating with IDFA, we invite the public and ourselves to consider Europe in all its facets and complexities. The history of Europe consists of many stories told by multiple people with different perspectives. These stories are essential to develop feelings of belonging, but also to challenge where the status quo is not enough.”

Crucial funding supports our education program, talent development program, efforts to make our festival and organization more sustainable, and innovative new media projects.


Practical information

IDFA is a public benefit organization (ANBI) and is grateful for all the support our organization receives from the business community, funds, and private individuals. More information about our festival and all IDFA-related projects can be found in our annual report. For detailed information about IDFA's mission and vision, please refer to the policy plan.