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IDFA is or was an important benchmark for you in the year. The many stories colored your life (or that of a loved one) and provided depth and connection. How wonderful it is if you can let your love for documentaries and stories live on by including IDFA in your will. You then make an important contribution to the activities and impact of the IDFA institute, which has existed for 35 years.

We would be happy to discuss the various options with you. For example, you can choose to: 

  • Support filmmakers in countries where freedom of expression is compromised, thereby promoting an independent film culture. Critical, artistic and independent documentaries promote democratic values and help build just societies. Moreover, they inspire and touch the heart. And that's where change begins.
  • Enable talent development programs for young filmmakers to encourage new talent and promote high-level productions.
  • Contribute to IDFA's educational activities. Watching documentaries helps children form opinions, expands their view of the world and teaches them to be critical of what they see in a playful way.

Testimonial Annemarieke Hoevers

"A few years ago I approached IDFA with the wish to include them in my will. When we spoke, I indicated that culture takes me out of my daily worries and makes me feel that there is more. That there are ideals to live for, and that you have to do something with them for better or for worse.

Especially IDFA documentaries help me to learn more and more from other cultures. With my bequest, I specifically want to support the IDFA Bertha Fund that helps filmmakers make documentaries in countries where freedom of expression is not a matter of course, and where there is often no money to make those films at all. Especially in these polarized times, it is important to tell personal stories through film in order to provide more understanding and connection.

IDFA has always taught me a lot and I wish future generations the same. For example, IDFA is actively involved in involving children through educational programmes. The teaching materials and online documentaries are even offered for free so that they are accessible to everyone. It ensures that children become critical thinkers and start a conversation with each other about social themes. And I am very happy to contribute to that."

Difference between an heirship and bequest

An heirship is an established portion of your estate that is allocated to heirs in accordance with your will. Once all rights of others (bequests, estate expenses and other debts) have been deducted from the total estate, the heirs receive their inheritance share.

A bequest is a provision in your will that indicates that you leave a set amount of money or a specific asset to a person or organization of your choice. The size of the bequest does not depend on the total size of the estate. For example, you can make your family heir and in addition leave a certain amount of money or (un)movable property as a bequest to a cultural institution. You can include multiple bequests in your will.

Named Fund

A great way to leave a focused legacy within the objective of IDFA or the IDFA Bertha Fund is to establish a Named Fund. This can be done in life or with a legacy. To this you attach a name and objective of your own choosing. Setting up a named Fund is possible from €50,000.

IDFA is exempt from inheritance tax

IDFA has ANBI status, which has the important advantage that the organization is exempt from inheritance tax. As a result, your entire estate benefits the cause you would like to support.

Inheritance at the notary

Inheritances in the form of a bequest or legacy are easy to arrange through the notary. It is important that the name is recorded correctly:

Statutory name: Stichting International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Statutory seat: Amsterdam
Visiting address: Vondelpark 3, 1071 AA Amsterdam

If you choose to donate to the IDFA Bertha Fund, this is the correct name according to the statutes:

Statutory name: Stichting IDFA Fonds
Statutory seat: Amsterdam
Visiting address: Vondelpark 3, 1071 AA Amsterdam

Contact or interested in receiving the brochure?

Marloes Janssen (Private Donations Manager) will be happy to answer your questions and share further information. Are you interested in receiving the brochure (in Dutch)? Then email us your address information and we will send it to you by mail.

You can contact her via +31 (0)20-26 20 824 / +31 (0)6-29 52 89 41 or

IDFA already in your will

We consider it very special and meaningful that you have included IDFA or the IDFA Bertha Fund in your will. Thank you very much for this. You can use the contact form to let us know. Naturally, we will keep this information confidential.