Wie niet weg is, is gebleven
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Wie niet weg is, is gebleven
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Wie niet weg is, is gebleven

Roel van Broekhoven, Babette Niemel, Rob Smits, Gerard van Westerloo, John Zwart, Mirjam Marks, Maurice Dekkers
25 min
Festival history
On 25 November 2000, Suriname celebrates its 25th anniversary as an independent state. In these 25 years, the former Dutch colony has become synonymous with bad news: a coup, the December killings, cocaine barons, drastic inflation, a cruel interior war, smuggling, and judicial convictions of the highest authorities. But how do the 400,000 inhabitants of Suriname really live? Each episode of the ten-part series WIE NIET WEG IS, IS GEBLEVEN concentrates on one person, who tells his or her story against the background of 25 years of independence. In the first episode, the early stages of the independence are reconstructed; at the time, there was a big chance that the autonomy would not even be reached. Episode two (PARADIJS) follows the Hindu and Javanese rice farmers in Nickerie, who feel closer ties with the Netherlands than with Paramaribo. ACHTTIEN JAAR ZWIJGEN tells the story of the Daal family, the mother, sister and brother of union leader Cyril Daal, who was assassinated on 8 December 1982. They still do not know exactly what happened and as a matter of fact they do not want to, afraid that the truth would not sit well within the small community. Episode five (DE BRUG) examines what has become of the dream of building a bridge across the Suriname river. The concrete colossus was thrown up in a wink during the election period. Corruption, nepotism and image building were more important than accessibility: people without a car cannot walk across the bridge, because it is only meant for fast traffic. 35 GELUKKIGE BABIES pays a visit to the children that were born on 25 November 1975 and received a deposit book with f 250.-. Back then, this amounted to 500 Dutch guilders, now that amount, including 25 years of interest, would barely buy a king-size bottle of Coca-Cola. DE MISSIE VAN VINIJE HAABE is an episode about this maroon, who was given the chance to study by a benefactor. Now, in the disintegrated interior, he tries to keep the traditional structures intact and to reconcile the (great chief) and his captains with each other. In addition, a former Dutch military attaché is followed, who became Brunswijk’s advisor and invites his pals of yesteryear to the other side of the Marowijne river in French Guyana to find an answer to the question: why were we unable to expel Bouterse? Episode eight deals with Bouterse’s soldiers, who returned from the interior war traumatised and for this documentary once more return to the former battlefield. The ninth episode focuses on Dillip Sardjoe, one of the richest men of Suriname, who went campaigning for his political party BVD last May. In Suriname, business success has always gone hand in hand with practising politics. A story about buying votes, placating voters and raking in favours.
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