Het Documentaire Paviljoen
About Het Documentaire Paviljoen

About Het Documentaire Paviljoen

Het Documentaire Paviljoen is a new cultural hub in the heart of Amsterdam. It serves as a meeting place for audiences, film professionals, talent, and students, celebrating the thriving documentary genre: from creative films on the big screen to immersive works and installations, from workshops and talks to school screenings.

Het Documentaire Paviljoen relates to Amsterdam in a different way than the festival does. During the festival, the focus is on an international stream of primarily new films and projects making their premiere at IDFA. The programming at the pavilion has a different dynamic and allows for more breathing space. We align with the city's rhythm, providing more opportunities to explore themes and formats that resonate with audiences, professionals, talents, and education, often in collaboration with partners.

One of IDFA's core activities is supporting talented filmmakers and new media creators. Throughout the year, Het Documentaire Paviljoen hosts workshops, masterclasses, and talk shows for talent. Centralising these activities in our own space presents an opportunity to foster more connections and synergy among participants, as well as with professionals and students from both local and international backgrounds. Another key focus in pavilion's programming is school performances, including workshops for educators. IDFA aims to promote media literacy among students, encouraging them to critically engage with visual content.